Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. Photo: Holger Ellgaard (from Wikipedia)

Tekniska Museet in Stockholm. Photo: Holger Ellgaard (from Wikipedia)

Mosart Summit 2014 in Stockholm

By Nicki Lolk Soerensen - 01 March 2014 at 21:37

This year's summit is more global than ever. Meet experienced broadcast leaders from the Middle East, Australia, the Balkans and Scandinavia

It's time to book flights and hotel to go to Stockholm, Sweden. On June 12 and 13, join the rest of the crazy Mosart guys and operators from North Amercia, Europe and Oceania for a couple of days of nerdiness. Just the way we like it!

The summit will take place in the technical museum - just east of the Swedish capital.

Among the speakers this year:

  • Yahia Al Masri, COO at Al Arab News Channel - a privately owned Saudi channel that will provide viewers with accurate, unbiased news and information from the region and the world.
  • Morten Brandstrup, head of news technology at TV 2 in Denmark. Oh, this is gonna get geeky! Hear about his experiences with different technologies to broadcast live from anywhere in the world.
  • Rusmir Nefic, CEO at Adria Television LTD. Rusmir is in charge of launching a 24 hour news channel in the Adria region, covering Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Slovenia. N1 is the name of the channel and they will use Mosart.
  • Angelos Frangopoulos, CEO at Australian News Channel. Here's a broadcaster that knows how to exploit content to its fullest: Four news channels, several interactive channels and online services. Angelos will tell about his last 12 years running Sky News in Australia and New Zealand. And he'll probably talk about the introduction of Mosart in the controlroom as well.

For continuous updates about the summit, go to this Facebook page.

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