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Matthew Gray

Named CG actions

By Matthew Gray from Seven Network (Australia) - 19 Oktober 2018 at 03:39 (6 comments)

is anyone using the Named CG actions feature in their namedoverlaygraphics.xml, you are able to use a regular expression (regex) to take out grapihcs with the matching expression.

I've tried but does not work for me.

mosart ver 3.8.1 with viz content pilot

Matthew Gray
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 23 Oktober 2018 at 20:02

Hello, we no longer use them. I can't remember if we had any trouble. Can you post an example? Keep in mind your regex should match the Microsoft .NET rules.


Matthew Gray
By Matthew Gray from Seven Network (Australia) - 23 Oktober 2018 at 23:36

here are the three lines currently included in our namedoverlaygraphics.xml file, 

<item type="100" slug="XRALLOUT" templatetype="AUTOOUT-DSK" in="0" dur="12"><actions><action name="takeOut" value=".*"/></actions><content></content></item>
<item type="100" slug="XRKEEPBUG" templatetype="AUTOOUT-DSK" in="0" dur="12"><actions><action name="takeOut" value="^(?!.*BUG).*"/></actions><content></content></item>
<item type="100" slug="XRTOPLEFT" templatetype="AUTOOUT-DSK" in="0" dur="12"><actions><action name="takeOut" value=".*LIVE.*"/></actions><content></content></item>

interestingly none of these appear in the namedoverlaygraphics application graphics list, as the other namedoverlays do.


the regex values have been checked with

Matthew Gray
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 24 Oktober 2018 at 05:40

Yes, they look correct. The fact that they don't appear makes me think Manus admin has problem parsing them.

As soon as possible I will try to write something similar in our setup and see if I can help.

Besides, the "type" tag shouldn't be required, at least I don't see it in the documentation (except if you need NCRS placeholder items) and I don't have it in my named.


Matthew Gray
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 30 Oktober 2018 at 16:39

Hello, I tried those lines and some variations. I still can't see them in the named list, and if I trigger them from a template the MSE console does not log anything.

Those lines seems correct according to the documentation I have. I suggest you open a case with Vizrt. Please let me know if you manage to fix this, I'm interested.

Best regards.


Matthew Gray
By Matthew Gray from Seven Network (Australia) - 05 January 2019 at 04:33

Well, I opened a case about this with viz. 

And can you belive this, they came back and closed the case changing it to a "feature request".

It baffels me that this is in the manual but doesn't work. Does that not make it a bug?

Matthew Gray
By Silvio Bacchetta from Sky Italia (Italy) - 06 January 2019 at 18:15

Yes, I can totally believe it. Vizrt support is usually very good but I find it hard to have a bug report filed correctly. There are a few things in Mosart that are in the manual but don't seem to work (and a lot of undocumented commands). One thing that I was never able to do, for example, is the "standby" action on an audio fader.

I'll try to submit the same bug report if I find a situation where I can use them.


Happy new year!


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